Welcome to the Hold Me Bag Collection. Here you will find a different kind of makeup bag - one that combines your everyday cosmetic bag with a brush organizer. Now you have a pretty place to store your makeup, protect your brushes and beauty tools while keeping them handy for use and ready for travel, all the time.

The inspiration for the Hold Me Bag came from my personal search for "that one bag" which would hold and organize my cosmetics and brushes, keep everything at a glance, and help save time with my daily make-up routine. After trying many different kinds of makeup bags, it didn't seem like "that bag" was out there, so I decided to create one. The design went from pencil and graph paper to flat pattern, to needle and fabric, then almost two dozen prototypes, and three times that many different fabrics before it "worked"! The final fabric choice cleaned easily, was crush-proof and held its own for classic black appeal.

The Hold Me Bag comes in three sizes - one will fit your personal beauty style. Constructed of the highest quality materials, they are handmade in the USA.

Some notes on the design of the Hold Me Bag:

Fashioned with a wrap-a-round self-tie patterned after a vintage schoolgirl's book-bag, the tie was designed to be an efficient closure without the use of Velcro, metal, or magnets, and one that would accommodate varying degrees of depth depending on how full the bag is.

The removable bottom liner can be left in place on the bottom for a little extra cushion; used to separate palettes or to create a separate layer with larger items on the bottom and smaller ones on top; used on top of everything before you zip it up; used outside the bag as an extra clean space to set items when you are away from home. It also makes for easy cleaning of the center "Heart" section.

The small compartment inside the lid of the "Heart" of the bag works best to store a large palette, or for lightweight items like a mirror, sponges or tissues. It is not recommended to store multiple small items that can spill out when opened.

The black velvet fabric is easy care. Use just a drop of dish washing or other mild soap diluted with water and wipe with a soft cloth. Air dry.